Lucas Mumme

      Hello, my name is Lucas Mumme. I am twenty years old and I am the lead writer and voice of Carter Winters in the anime, Hybrid. I’m your average anime-lover, gamer, and college student. I started out watching anime like Pokemon and Dragonball Z before I even knew what anime was. Then I got a better grip after watching Blood+ and while watching Bleach. I became hooked on anime and just kept finding more to watch. It came to the point where I could make up my own scenarios in my head for anime I watch and I started thinking, “It would be really cool if I could write the story line of a new anime.” So when Nova offered me that after a while of knowing her, I gladly took her up on that offer. Since then, I've been writing the story line (mostly in class during lectures because I’m a genius) and having a great time. While I love writing for this anime, I also would like to start a gaming career as well to complete my paradise. Gaming has been a long-time hobby of mine since I could play Pokemon on a classic Gameboy. I explored systems as they came out. While Xbox consoles are my favorite (let the war begin), I also like PlayStation and Nintendo. I would like to start on PCs but I’m more of a controller person.