Kyle Schleiden

                Hello, my name is Kyle Schleiden. I am a writer for the anime, “Hybrid”. I am a big listener of rock and roll and heavy metal. I have been to so many concerts already in my life time because of my awesome parents. I just recently turned 18 years old back in November. I am a casual watcher of anime and big reader of manga. I recently got into anime and manga about two years ago when a friend got me hooked on it with “Death Note”. I read manga more often then I watch anime since I started reading manga first. The only anime I can say that I do my very best to stay in tune with is “RWBY”. I fell in love with the “RWBY” series for many different reasons. Main reason, I’m a huge Rooster Teeth fan. Why I decided I wanted to become a writer is because as a child, I would always think about and create cool worlds in my mind. Now that I am an adult, that imagination never left me and I am always thinking of my own cool worlds and aspects that would make series I like better in my eyes. Imagination never left me. So why not use it to my advantage, which I intend to do. With dumb luck, I was given the chance to prove my creative writing with a lucky encounter on the app “Ifunny” with Nova. I asked her if she was in need of any more writers for a “RWBY” game she wanted to create. Given the task to write her a short story, I gave it my best to make the short story wonderful. Since I am here, I must have impressed Nova enough for her to give me the chance to work as a writer for her. Especially, since she allowed me to work on “Hybrid” for the “RWBY” game idea was scraped. I owe her greatly for this chance to get my name out in the world with my writing. I hope in the future I am able to write for all different aspects of media. I would love to write books, shows, movies, game, and more.