DisCal - The Officially Unofficial Discord Calendar Bot

The following page is a step by step instruction for how to properly setup DisCal.

It's quite simple, but you must create a new calendar in order for DisCal to function fully.


A screen like this should appear when adding the bot. These are the permissions it would like to be given on joining.

1. Add DisCal to your Discord server

Skip this step if you have just added DisCal to your server.

Click the button below to authorize DisCal and select the server you want it on.

You must have the "Manage Server" permission to add the bot.


2. Give DisCal permissions at server level and not at channel level (channel permissions don't always work right)

If you have a Bot permission group, assign DisCal that permission. If not, create a new permission role with the following permissions so that DisCal may read and send messages based on its commands:

  • Read Messages
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links (so it can link events, calendars, and help pages).
  • Mention Everyone (so that it can send out announcement subscriber pings)
  • Manage Messages (so it can delete its messages and reduce command spam)
  • Reactions/External Emojis (for future features yet to be implemented)


* DisCal will not log or save any messages.


3. Create a Calendar for your Discord.

DisCal currently only allows 1 calendar per server. Use the command "!calendar create <calendar name>" in any channel. (You can create a special channel just for DisCal commands if you want.)

Once that command is issued, DisCal will handle the rest and walk you through a step by step guide into creating your new calendar!

Optionally you may attach an external calendar. (This feature is currently in open testing for Patreon supporters. Visit our Discord server for more information.)


For all information on existing commands as well as some tutorial .gifs, click the button below.