DisCal - The Officially Unofficial Discord Calendar Bot

See what real users are saying about DisCal:

"Keep up the good work guys, this is so desperately needed!" - Casey#8173
"It is a bot that i see a great demand for" - Bank_CW [DD-R]#3927
"Lovely bot, I've added it to two of my servers so far." - Prometheus#5810 

Features Overview

DisCal is a simple to use bot for your Discord server. It allows easy use of a custom Google Calendar.

With DisCal, you can create, announce, and manage events. Run an RPG and need a scheduling tool? DisCal is for you! Run a massive Discord server with server wide events? Need to announce and schedule them easily? DisCal is for you!

Check out just some of the many features below!

Custom Calendar Creation

With DisCal, all you need to do to create a calendar is issue the command "!calendar create" and it will initialize a step by step process for calendar creation! Now there is no need to learn how to create a custom public calendar in Google Calendar, DisCal will handle all of the hard work for you!

DisCal was built to be easy to use. You need not log into a google account or worry about calendar settings, DisCal will handle all of that internally so that you are ready to go from the moment its installed!

Easy Events Creation

Similar to the calendar, all you need to do to create an event is use the command "!event create" and DisCal will begin walking you through step by step on how to make and confirm your new event.

Should you make a mistake, DisCal allows you to review and edit your event before posing it to the calendar!

You can even delete an event from the calendar all together should you need to cancel it!

Event Announcements 

DisCal will allow you to set up event announcements.

What's that?

Once you make an event, you can set up DisCal to automatically announce to your server when an event is taking place! Don't like doing it yourself? Want it to be trustworthy and automatic? Need multiple announcements per event? No problem! DisCal is made just for that! In fact, you can setup UNIVERSAL announcements that will announce all events at the specified times!

And that's not all! DisCal has so many more features that allow it to be both easy to use and highly customizable! No matter what kind of server you run, DisCal is just right for you!