We are pleased to announce that we have opened up a store! Here you can purchase custom made YouTube channel banners, intro clips, and more! Currently we are only selling custom YouTube Channel Banners since we have just opened.


    But, we will be adding in more new products!! And, starting on September 5, we will have a bi-weekly mailing list that you can sign up for! You will get the most recent news about what we have been doing, as well as special coupon codes for discounts in our store! Yay!!! Not only is this a great place so you can get merch and YouTube things to make you look professional, but it is also a great way of supporting us! Thank you for reading and we hope to see you again. Swift winds and stay cool Clouds.

AuthorNova Fox

        Hi everyone! Recently most of you know I started school on Thursday, and with that came a lot of things. For starters, first day went as well as it could, I have some friends who are total geeks like myself. And they all love anime,especially RWBY, and a ton more. And after talking to them for some time (really only a day and a half as of the time I'm typing this) we may have some new staff members. Yay!! I found an awesome guy who might starting helping with scripts and writing for our anime. Another person, who's totally a RoosterTeeth fan, might help us start editing videos and such, possibly making some AMVs. And the person that I just love (as a friend in a geeky way) will hopefully become our newest member of the CloudCraft Anime (CCA) team. He will be doing concept art, and a whole lot more art-related things. So, as of now, I have confirmed 1 new member of the CCA team, and hopefully will have 2 more member of CloudCraft. 

    I also have another announcement! CloudCraft will also release more AMVs aside from just RWBY. Our concept artists is a big fan of "Bleach" so I will have to binge watch that. But we will hopefully be making Bleach AMVs. Yay! More videos!  

     One final thing before I go. Aside from this blog, being for news, updates, announcements, etc. we will be rolling out a few new ones for the site. One will be embedded on the CloudCraft Anime page. So, when visiting that page, you can get the latest updates of what's going on, that way we don't have to do a full redesign of that page to fit in more text. There will also be blogs embedded on the videos, gaming, and MC pages so you can all get the latest news on there. We also invite you to subscribe to the feeds via email, we will go further in depth to it later, so that you can get updates within minutes of when we have important news.

    Thank you for reading! Hope you all like this. Now, I need to get going. So, swift winds and stay cool Clouds.  

- Nova, Founder and CEO

Source: www.cloudcraftgaming.com

RWBY AMV - Do It Now, Remember It Later 

      Hi everyone! Small announcement here, well actually a few. Due to school starting up in the next few days, we will have to switch over to out new school schedule. This is a bit of a change since over the summer we could post around 3 videos a week. Instead, during the school year, we will only be able to post 1 to 2 videos a week. We're sorry, but homework can take quite a lot of our time. Don't worry though, special animations, AMVs, etc. Will ignore this new schedule. They will be made when we have the time. We will try to get qt least 2 animations or AMVs uploaded per month, maybe more. Thank you for reading.

This is Nova signing off. And fair winds.

P.S. Check out our new RWBY AMV, personally, I think it's pretty good.